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Our Mission

Little Walnut Creek Conservancy District was established under Indiana statute as a unit of local government in 1967 for the purpose of flood control and recreation. The district obtained grant under the PL-566 program from the federal government (NRCS) for all of the construction and engineering costs attributable to flood control and 50% of the cost attributable to recreation. The state (IDNR) also contributed some grant funds. Exceptional benefits were assessed against certain properties for the district's share of the costs and the general tax rate contributed in the early years. Little Walnut maintains three flood control structures: Structure 3 (private), Structure 4 - Glenn Flint Lake (public), Structure 5 - Madison Hills Lake (private). All of these structures are deemed "high hazard" due to their size and/or homes and other development located below their dam.

Pay Station Access

The pay station can only accept VISA, Mastercard and Discover credit or debit cards.  The annual launch card is available again at the automated pay station.  Or, you can choose to send a $50 check to Little Walnut Creek Conservancy District, PO Box 543, Greencastle, IN 46135 and we will mail the card to you.  HANG ON TO YOUR CARD - YOU WILL BE ABLE TO REACTIVATE THE CARD FOR 2022!  To renew your annual passcard online - go to Contact & Information, Annual Passcard Renewal, Posts and Dock Rentals.  

If you already have your ANNUAL LAUNCH PERMIT card, you will press D - Continue, then press A - Use annual permit.

Rental notices for the annual rental of posts and dock fees can be paid by check sent to the district at PO Box 543, Greencastle, IN 46135.  


Glenn Flint Lake Boat Ramp

The only public access for Glenn Flint Lake is located at:  4530 W County Road 450 N, Greencastle, IN. 

The trash dumpster is not for public use.  People bringing trash onto the district's property to dump will not be permitted. 

The district has video surveillance in place on the property.  

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September 25, 2023

Little Walnut Creek has partnered with rent.fun to provide kayak rental at the boat ramp.  The kayaks are currently stored for the winter but start planning for warm weather in 2024!

Here's the official microsite: https://www.rent.fun/little-walnut-creek-in

The kayak rental includes the kayak, paddles and lifevest.  Open from sun up to sun down.  Pricing:  $25 per 2 hours, $15 thereafter.  Membership is also available.  

How it works - Download the App, create an account in 30 seconds.  Unlock your equipment, Scan the QR code at the station to unlock your kayak.  Enjoy your paddle!  Always wear your lifejacket at all times while on the water.  Return your equipment to the station. ...

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