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Mooring Posts

You will be seeing new posts set for 2019.  As this project progresses, you will see numbers on the posts - so please note the closest post to your boat because that will be your new post number.  Next year all posts will allow 10' in width so it may be necessary to reset the bumpers/walkways to accomodate this change.  


The automated pay station is now operational.  NO CASH IS ACCEPTED AT THE PAY STATION - CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS ONLY.  

Drive or walk up to the pay station and follow the on-screen prompts.  The following options are available:

Annual Permit Entry (once the permit has been purchased and issued)

Daily Launch Permit - $10.00 - includes parking

Daily Parking - $10.00 - for those who park and fish from shore

Daily Camping - $10.00 - we recommend having an annual permit also - the daily camping fee will not allow re-entry but the annual permit will.  

Annual Launch Permit - $50.00