Post and dock rental notices were due April 15. We currently do not have any posts available for rent. Be sure to email us to be put on the waiting list for available posts next year.  

Please note the post numbering system.  Odd numbers are to the south of the boat ramp, even numbers are to the north, along with a few lettered posts.  Posts along the shoreline adjacent to VanBibber Lake estates are numbered for the Section and Lot number.  No tires or pieces of tires are to be used as bumpers.  All front bumpers are to be hung from the boat, not the seawall.  Boats must be parked centered on the post.  All modifications or additional posts installed must be approved by the district's property manager.  

A permit from the district is required for any modification to lake shore.  Other permits may also be required.  More information on IDEM permits can be found at:

The granting of Section 401 Water Quality Certification from IDEM does not relieve you of the responsibility of obtaining any other state, local or federal authorizations. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Division of Water (DOW) have their own permitting mechanism for working in Indiana Streams, Lakes, and Floodways; your project may require a Construction in a Floodway Permit or a Public Freshwater Lake Permit from IDNR. More than 50% of the projects requiring IDEM Section 401 Water Quality Certification will also require a Construction in a Floodway Permit from IDNR.

You need to apply for, and receive, an IDEM Section 401 Water Quality Certification and a Corps' Section 404 Dredge and Fill Permit if you are planning any of the following:

  • Filling a wetland
  • Excavating a wetland
  • Mechanical clearing in a wetland (using heavy equipment such as bulldozers to remove or clear trees and stumps)
  • Constructing a pond in a wetland
  • Stabilizing a streambank or shoreline
  • Relocating a stream
  • Constructing a roadway, bridge or other pedestrian/vehicle crossing in or over a stream
  • Constructing, refacing, or repairing any seawall
  • Constructing an underwater beach
  • Filling out into a lake, stream, or river and Fill Permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, but the aforementioned activities are more common.

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